‘Elf in the suitcase’ visits Denver

IMG_4339During a short visit to Utah last week, Elfie made an appearance at a Jazz practice session at EnergySolutions Arena. One of the players, Turkish center Enes Kanter, saw her and laughed.

“That’s a voodoo doll, right?” he asked me.

Even though I told him “No,” Elfie has been afraid somebody’s going to stick pins in her ever since. I would never do that. Making her stay in my luggage as I travel around America is enough torture.

Per Santa’s orders, we’re continuing to have a good time on our “Elf in a suitcase” adventure. So far, we’ve been to Portland (Stop 1 photos) and Sacramento (Stop 2 photos). This week, we’ll be in Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte and Memphis before heading home for Christmas (we hope!). While I head to South Beach, you go ahead and enjoy these photos from Denver:

IMG_4333We actually had a layover in Salt Lake City for a couple of hours while traveling from Sacramento to Denver. After visiting a gift shop, Elfie wanted some of Utah’s famous wild huckleberry taffy. I never even knew Utah had wild huckleberries, but I obliged. At least the taffy was made in Utah. Or maybe it was just the sticker on the package that was made in Utah. Anyway, this paragraph has lasted longer than my SLC layover did — and way longer than the taffy did once we opened the package.



Unfortunately, we did not have time to see Prunes the Burro’s memorial or Steve Canyon’s statue, but we were where the arrow said we were for a couple of days. Elfie got excited to see the world’s largest prairie dog, but I had to break the bad news that there is not an NBA team in Nebraska. Heartbreaking.



Elfie got sad again that night at the Olive Garden. This wasn’t what she expected when I talked about getting a “Tour of Italy.”


Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 10.33.48 PMRemember this silly photo of me goofing around in Los Angeles?


IMG_4384Elfie remembered too! She wanted to do the same pose when we ended up with a Dodge Challenger in Denver.



My elf gets me. Diet Coke in the Pepsi Center! What a rebel.


Elfie was hoping to make ESPN’s Top 10 plays after this dunk. It took her a while to let go of the rim after she made it up there. This was her favorite Rocky Mountain high moment.


IMG_4365Elfie was excited to see The Hobbit. “Legolas is my favorite elf!” Unfortunately, it hadn’t been released yet so we had to watch the “Hunger Games,” which Elfie said reminded her of the movie “Reindeer Games” she saw at a North Pole theater.


Elfie was in heaven hanging out on the Christmas tree in the lobby of our Denver hotel. Next stop: Miami!


  1. Diana says

    Who knew Sacramento could be so much fun! Elfie sure makes your road trips exciting. Must be so fun for your sweet kids to read about Elfie’s adventures.

    I can’t wait to show Josh the pic of Elfie on the car, he’ll love it.

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